Asbestos Survey in Leigh

Asbestos Survey in LeighFor an asbestos survey in Leigh use a company that can be trusted: ACS. Since 2012, it has been a legal requirement that commercial buildings be surveyed for asbestos and the report be kept on file. According to Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations, the maintenance and repair of a building includes the requirement for asbestos management. The objective is to protect people from deadly asbestos fibres. To avoid prosecution or having your building shut down, arrange for your asbestos risk assessment. It is a very serious matter, but compliance is not at all difficult. ACS will document if asbestos is present on your premises, how much there is, and what condition it is in. It is important that any asbestos in a building be undisturbed.  It should remain so during normal occupancy and maintenance. Any management recommendations are included in the survey report.

In Leigh, asbestos survey for the demolition or remodelling of buildings is also prepared by ACS. Demolition and remodelling surveys serve a different purpose than standard surveys. The asbestos in the building may be intact and safe. However, construction activity will disturb it, creating hazardous conditions within the building and the surrounding area including the soil and the air. Free floating asbestos fibres must be prevented to protect the health of people. An ACS survey for demolition or construction will locate any asbestos in the building. For these surveys, walls may be opened up and pipes and ductwork disturbed to be certain that no asbestos is missed. A survey that documents all locations containing asbestos is critical so it can be removed or contained before construction or destruction of the building begins.

Whichever asbestos survey in Leigh you require, ACS is the company to rely on for thoroughness and accuracy. They will make sure all legal requirements are met and the health of the surrounding population is never at risk. All information for your asbestos register is included. The surveys are clear and easy to understand. If the survey shows the asbestos in your building needs managing, ACS will advise you regarding what form that management should take. ACS technicians are happy to answer any questions or address any concerns that may arise. Asbestos can be managed, making the environment safer for all of us. For more details about an asbestos survey, contact ACS.