Site Audits

What’s the best way to solve serious safety and environmental problems? Be ready for them in advance. Our site audits are designed to forewarn you of problems and attend to any which already exist. Site audits will help you to comply with legislation whilst minimising risk and saving significant costs later on. It’ll also help to improve the image of your business by associating you with environmental responsibility.

Our team of in-house specialists has the facility to call on the expertise and experience of a wide range of scientific and engineering professionals.

Our Site Audit Services Include:

1. Environmental Assessment
2. Waste Disposal
3. Compliance

Land Contamination

What Can You Do With Contaminated Land?
The process of reclaiming and re-purposing contaminated land is difficult not least because most businesses aren’t sure how to go about it. How do you salvage contaminated land and make it viable for your business and the ecosystem around without causing harm or endangering your people? Our knowledge and experience allows us to help with everything from pre-acquisition desk studies to the design, specification and supervision of full remediation plans.

Our Contaminated Land Services Include:

1. Assessment & Investigations
2. Compliance
3. Remediation

Waste Management

Cost effective waste management isn’t just about reducing your impact on the environment or complying with legislation. Effective waste management can have a positive effect on the bottom line. With an experienced team of environmental scientists, engineers, chemists and specialist surveyors, we offer a comprehensive consultancy and design service for businesses nationwide.

Our Waste Management Services Include:

1. Waste Planning
2. Landfill Site Selection & Preparation
3. Surveying & 3D Design
4. Environmental Monitoring
5. Management Services

Flood Risk Assessment

Recent years have taught us that flooding is a more serious problem in the UK than might have been expected. The floods of early 2014 were accompanied by feelings of both astonishment and helplessness. In the light of these events, the importance of having a proper flood risk assessment carried out is paramount. We cannot prevent floods, but we can establish how likely they are to occur and help you to understand how best to limit the damage.

The Benefits Of Choosing ACS For Your Flood Risk Assessments:

1. Flood Alleviation Design
2. Data For Future Planning
3. Saving Your Money