Asbestos Survey in Reddish

Asbestos Survey in ReddishAn asbestos survey in Reddish is highly recommended if you suspect you have materials containing asbestos on your property.  It is necessary to comply with relevant legislation, and you also want peace of mind that you and your workers are safe in the workplace.  The presence of asbestos on your property needs to be taken seriously.  What a survey does is confirm the location of any asbestos on the property.  It quantifies the amount of asbestos containing material on the premises and also stipulates the condition that the material is in.  This information is needed for your asbestos register and forms the basis of your asbestos management plan.

In Reddish, an asbestos survey is undertaken by the company ACS.  This company has a range of experienced professionals.  They are able to assist with any safety or environmental risk posed by asbestos on your property.  The potential danger of asbestos is not to be taken lightly.  The United Kingdom allowed the use of the asbestos to continue long after many other countries outlawed its use.  It was particularly prevalent in the ship building industry as well as housing.  Up until the year 2000 many buildings used asbestos material.  It was favoured for its strength and insulating properties.  This is why many buildings still contain asbestos.  Asbestos poses a danger as it releases fibres into the air.  These fibres can be inhaled and cause aggravation to the lung tissue.  Asbestosis is a serious and chronic lung disease.

Having an asbestos survey in Reddish will inform you of the real risk of asbestos on your property.  One of the primary issues facing businesses today is their lack of knowledge about asbestos and its management.  ACS can help in this regard.  They can help you identify the risks you are exposed to, and advise you on how to manage or mitigate that risk.  Your business will be safer, and this will be achieved in as cost effective way as possible.Contact ACS for an asbestos survey so you can ensure the safety of your business.