Asbestos Management in Oldham

Asbestos Management in OldhamYou may wonder about asbestos management in Oldham and how, exactly, one would manage it. It would seem the only way to manage it is to get rid of it altogether. At ACS, we want you to know that asbestos should be managed if found in your building. It does not necessarily have to be removed for a safe environment. Our first step is a Management survey. We check out your building to find if asbestos materials are present. If the suspect material has been used as insulation for plumbing, heating or anything else on the premises, we check that it is secure and intact. If the asbestos is contained, there is no need to do anything except keep a record of the findings.

The asbestos only becomes a problem if the building is undergoing maintenance or major refurbishment or if it is scheduled for demolition. For buildings in Oldham, asbestos management surveys performed by ACS conform to industry standards. The survey you need depends on the immediate plans for the building. Refurbishment and demolition surveys are more extensive and intrusive than a management survey. The goal is to find asbestos regardless of the condition it is in. Before a building containing asbestos can be demolished, the asbestos has to be removed in an environmentally safe way. If only a part of the building is being refurbished, it is possible to seal that part off and remove the asbestos while protecting the rest of the building.

We perform both management and demolition or refurbishment surveys in Oldham that conform to government standards. Our management surveys are intended to assess the risk of asbestos containing materials within your building and create a management plan, which you are required by law to have, as you have a duty to manage. Our surveys are thorough but easily understood. Contact ACS for your asbestos survey and we will walk you through the results so you will understand exactly what is expected of you for asbestos management. At ACS, our team is comprised of professionals in environmental safety. We believe education and understanding are key to protecting our environment from the hazards of asbestos.