Asbestos Survey in Burnley

Asbestos Survey in BurnleyGet your asbestos survey in Burnley done by experienced professionals to avoid not only risks to the health of occupants, but also to ensure that you comply with local and national regulations. At ACS we believe that a comprehensive asbestos survey is the keystone of occupational health and safety and we have the training, qualifications and experience necessary to get the job done. Asbestos was a very popular, widely-used construction-material a few decades ago, and many older buildings have asbestos in the roofing, walls, paint, false-ceilings, machinery, water-cisterns, fire-proofing, and floors, to name but a few. However, with the discovery and awareness that asbestos causes thousands of deaths every year due to mesothelioma, lung-cancer, asbestosis, lung-pleura thickening, and respiratory problems, it has become mandatory to monitor, manage any asbestos-containing material in buildings, and removed if the condition is so poor that it cannot be repaired or managed.

An important aspect to remember about asbestos-related illnesses is that they can take a very long time to display symptoms, sometimes even up to 20 years after initial exposure. In Burnley, asbestos surveys are undertaken to ensure that no trace of asbestos remains in older buildings, factories, shop-floors, residential and commercial properties. Asbestos surveys help you locate, identify and manage any asbestos or ACM (asbestos containing materials) on your premises. These surveys are useful in maintaining an asbestos risk register which in turn helps you to closely monitor the amount and condition of asbestos present and make decisions about removal. We offer two types of surveys: the Management Survey that helps identify, locate, quantify and assess risks of asbestos or ACM, and the Refurbishment/Demolition Survey that’s a crucial component before you carry out any refurbishments or demolition to your building. All our surveys are carried out in accordance with the HSE guidelines – HSG264.

In general, the cost of an asbestos survey in Burnley is based on the size and age of the building. As a property owner, you’re liable to be prosecuted if you don’t carry out an asbestos survey and carry out your duty to manage the risk. Contact ACS for an estimate if you need an asbestos survey. The final report is written in plain English that is easy to understand and will provide you with all the information you need.