Asbestos Management in Rochdale

Asbestos Management in RochdaleAsbestos management in Rochdale is the way to find out if you have environmentally hazardous asbestos. You may think it is unnecessary to go looking for trouble since no one in your building suffers any symptoms of asbestos exposure. Sadly, those who suffer from asbestos-related lung disease may not notice symptoms for many years. Some may never know where or when they were exposed. Therefore if your building is an asbestos risk to residents, then you too are at risk. There is a legal reason and a moral obligation to test for asbestos in your building. The Control of Asbestos Regulations of 2012 declares that you have a legal obligation as the building owner or manager to protect residents of your building by managing and monitoring on a regular basis the asbestos in your building. If you fail to comply, you can be subject to prosecution.

ACS has the credentials to survey your building in Rochdale. Asbestos management forms part of a detailed survey that will assess the location and condition of any exposed asbestos. The testing is not invasive. Our survey will specify if any steps need to be taken to contain or remove any asbestos. The survey will have our professional recommendations for the ongoing management if any asbestos is found. As the building owner or manager, you must have a written asbestos management plan. Our written survey will provide you with all the information you need for the management plan. The plan will be concise and written in everyday terminology.

Besides asbestos management in Rochdale, we conduct Health and Safety training for you, your staff or apartment manager. The relevant personnel should be able to recognise any changes within the asbestos materials condition. Contact ACS for testing surveys and health and safety training. We can keep you and your building safe from both an environmental perspective and a legal perspective. Depend on us to keep you up to date on any new guidelines or regulations. We are all experienced professionals. Environmental safety is not our part-time job, it is our career