Asbestos Survey in St Helens

asbestos survey in St HelensAn asbestos survey in St Helens is a crucial part of your next building project. Any building work being carried out on an existing building, from the smallest wall refurbishment to a loft conversion or a complete rebuild, can only proceed after a thorough asbestos survey has been conducted. This also applies to demolition works. Many existing buildings have asbestos-containing material in their structure that, if tampered with, can release harmful asbestos fibres into the surroundings. These fibres are dangerous and can cause any amount of problems, from asthma to asbestosis and forms of lung cancer.

Before beginning a building project in St Helens, asbestos survey specialists should be employed to assess and report on the condition of any asbestos in the building infrastructure. A good survey will list the quantity of asbestos and its location in the building, as well as give an indication of whether it is harmful in its dormant state or not. The survey should also provide a risk assessment specific to your building plans, a programme on how to manage it and a referral to contractors who are licenced to work with such materials safely. If the asbestos in your building is dormant and poses no risk, simply working around it is often the best solution, but if your renovations, new build or demolition project threaten to disrupt the asbestos, a removal plan will be necessary.

ACS are the qualified experts when it comes to an asbestos survey in St Helens and the greater Merseyside area. They know that each building and situation has different requirements and dangers, which is why they tailor their survey packages to each client’s needs. They ensure that your survey covers the relevant health and safety concerns and solutions, without superfluous extras that cost more and do not apply to your situation. Contact ACS today to find out which asbestos survey solution is most applicable to your building or demolition plans. Asbestos management and control is a serious task that they are committed to. Their service is thorough and reliable, ensuring the safety of your building’s occupants and the environment.