Asbestos Management in Bury

Asbestos Management in BuryYou may wonder what asbestos management in Bury means to you, the homeowner or commercial property owner. If asbestos is so dangerous how is it safely managed? These concerns are valid since there is so much misinformation about this common insulation material. Our staff at ACS wants to help you understand the truth about the safety issues related to asbestos and why there is no need to panic if handled by professionals. We have learned a lot since it was first discovered asbestos could cause lung disease. At ACS, we have the latest information, technology, equipment and training to safely and successfully manage your asbestos. The process begins when you call ACS for a free survey of your premises for the presence and condition of asbestos.

That survey will be in writing and free of technical language. Along with your free survey in Bury, asbestos management recommendations are offered by our technicians. The survey may find that there is no asbestos on the premises. Under these circumstances our recommendation would be that no action is needed. Another possibility is that loose asbestos fibres are free floating in your environment and posing a health threat to everyone in the building. Our recommendation would likely be containment and total removal of the asbestos. We can refer you to an asbestos removal company. You will be apprised of our progress and safety procedures every step of the way.

The majority of surveys for asbestos management in Bury will probably fall somewhere in between ‘no action needed’ and ‘total removal’. That leaves effective, intelligent management as the best solution. We often find asbestos used as insulation wrap for plumbing and heating pipes. Other times it could be in the attic and wall insulation. If the material is intact and undamaged the best solution may be to leave it alone since fibres are not escaping into the air. However, it needs managing with regular and careful inspections. If the material begins to show signs of deterioration, then removal is called for before it becomes a health threat. Don’t wonder about the right steps to take to manage your asbestos. Contact ACS and find out with our free no obligation survey what the condition is and advice for asbestos management. Part of our job is consumer education so trust us to answer any questions.