Asbestos Survey in Castleford

Asbestos Survey in CastlefordIt’s important to have an asbestos survey in Castleford done immediately if you think you may have this hazardous material on your property or in your building. This helps you manage and monitor asbestos so that it doesn’t pose a health and safety problem for all those who use the space. These surveys are an important factor in maintaining a mandatory asbestos register for older buildings. Are you in compliance with the local and national asbestos regulations? At ACS, we offer comprehensive asbestos survey and management services. We have different options to suit your needs and requirements. The standard Management Survey helps to locate, identify and quantify the amount and condition of asbestos in the building which could get damaged during normal occupancy. The Refurbishment and Demolition surveys help to assess areas of damage and spread of asbestos during demolition, maintenance or renovation works.

Asbestos was a highly-popular building material till the 1970s when its health hazards were recognised and understood. In Castleford, asbestos surveys help to establish the presence of asbestos and note its condition. When it’s in good condition, asbestos doesn’t pose a health-risk. When it is damaged, it releases airborne fibres that affect the lungs causing many life-threatening diseases and conditions. Asbestos is found in older buildings in walls, pipes, false-ceilings, partitions, central-heating systems, and cement-cladding. The people most at risk (apart from the occupants of the building) would be technicians, and handy-men.

ACS conducts professional asbestos surveys in Castleford. These help you to assess the asbestos present in your building. If you’re a commercial property owner, you could be liable for prosecution if an asbestos risk assessment is not carried out on your building. Contact ACS if you need an asbestos survey. The survey must be done by a qualified, licensed, trained professional. The rates for a survey depend on the size and age of the building. Call us for more information. We will arrange for a free site visit by our surveyors. We also provide you with a no-obligation quotation based on our evaluation.