Asbestos Testing in Bradford

Asbestos Testing in BradfordAsbestos testing in Bradford is mandatory for anyone owning a commercial property, particularly one that was built during or prior to the 1980s. As the owner, you are expected to implement an asbestos management plan based on the results of asbestos testing. This is absolutely essential. If it is left unchecked, asbestos can seriously affect your staff and consequently your productivity. Over time, asbestos particles can loosen and become airborne, particularly if they are disturbed. You and your staff will likely breathe in these fibres. As the asbestos fibres build up in your lungs, they can cause untold damage. Known as a silent killer, you or your staff can contract mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer just from inhaling asbestos. Stop asbestos dead in its tracks by opting for testing.

If your commercial building is located in Bradford, asbestos testing services are available from ACS. The asbestos testing procedure is quite simple. Our team of certified and experienced asbestos-specialists will arrive at your location and conduct a thorough investigation. During this time we will procure a sample and send it to our government approved testing laboratory. Depending upon the results, we will draw up an asbestos management plan. Some places where we’re likely to find asbestos include in the roof shingles, ducts, grout, ceilings and insulation. Rest assured that if we do find asbestos-containing material, it does not mean you are under threat. As long as it is not disturbed, you and your staff are safe.

If your commercial building was built in the 1980s or prior, you are advised to get asbestos testing in Bradford. Contact ACS to arrange for asbestos testing. We also provide training and packages for different types of asbestos-related services. Our technicians are fully-trained, licensed, qualified and insured.