Asbestos Testing in Oldham

Asbestos Testing in OldhamAsbestos testing in Oldham is crucial before beginning building or demolition work on a building. It is a legal requirement and a moral responsibility that ensures the safety of building workers and occupants of the building. Many old buildings contain asbestos, which may not pose any health risks while dormant. As soon as it is disturbed or exposed, however, asbestos fibres are released into the environment and it becomes a serious health hazard. There are numerous health problems caused by asbestos inhalation, ranging from coughs and asthma triggering to asbestosis and lung cancer. Asbestos is also an allergen and can cause severe reactions and skin irritation.

For the safety of your building occupants in Oldham, asbestos testing needs to be conducted prior to any construction, renovation or demolition work. Your building or demolition contractor may not legally initiate work without a certified clearance from an asbestos surveyor. ACS are professional asbestos surveyors who can identify, evaluate and manage the asbestos in your building. Their asbestos surveys are tailored to specific requirements. For example, their Refurbishment and Demolition survey is most suitable when planning construction, refurbishment or demolition work, and takes into account the plans and changes that result from the work. Their Management survey, on the other hand, is ideal if you are not planning on disturbing the asbestos with construction work but still need to determine the status and risk level of your building’s asbestos.

Through their surveys and asbestos testing in Oldham, ACS will describe the amount of asbestos in your building, its location, dormancy status and risk levels and provide a detailed management or removal recommendation. Their reports are comprehensive, with clear, easy to understand terminology and thorough descriptions on how to proceed. Contact ACS today if you need asbestos testing. They will also offer advice and guidance on any asbestos related matter.