Asbestos Survey in West Midlands

Asbestos Survey in West MidlandsAn asbestos survey in West Midlands is your first step to managing the asbestos on your property. It is most important to understand the risks that your business faces. At ACS we help you to identify the risks that need to be managed in your operational environment. Once these have been identified, we provide you with the services you need to be safe and compliant with regulations. Information is power and once you know what is required you can act accordingly. As a business you want to do everything that is required. We can assist with this and ensure you only address the issues that are relevant to you.

Your business premises must be safe for occupancy and in the West Midlands, an asbestos survey will help. Many buildings contain asbestos, and it can be found in surprising places. You may not realise how much of your building contains asbestos. This material was the wonder child of the last century due to its insulation properties. This made it very popular in a wide range of applications from electrical housing to ceiling tiles. Initially the dangers of asbestos were not understood but today we know exactly what risks it presents. The existence of asbestos is not inherently a problem. Undisturbed and undamaged it can be left alone and will pose no risk. It is when it is damaged or disturbed that it becomes dangerous. Tiny fibres can be released into the air. These can become lodged in the lungs and stomach lining and cause fatal diseases.

To be compliant with regulations pertaining to health and safety, an asbestos survey in West Midlands could be required on your property. Call us today to learn more. A friendly team member will answer all of your questions and explain our services. Your business is unique and has its own needs and requirements. At ACS we tailor all our services to meet your needs, and this is what you pay for. We have a multidisciplinary team and can draw on all a variety of skills to meet your needs.