Asbestos Survey for Schools in Merseyside

Asbestos Survey for Schools in MerseysideAn asbestos survey for schools in Merseyside is essential. Where ever there are buildings that were completed before 1999 there is a high chance that asbestos was used somewhere in the construction. As this material was once thought to be the answer to insulation of all types, it has been extensively used. Most school buildings were built well before 1999 and therefore almost definitely have some asbestos in them. It was such a wonder material that it has been used everywhere. Our speciality is to find and remove the asbestos if possible.  If it is in a fragile state it can be encapsulated and left in situ.

Asbestos has been declared a hazardous material as it can cause lung disease.  Once the fibres get into the lung they lodge in the lining and cause damage.  There is no way of removing them once they have pierced the flesh.  In Merseyside, an asbestos survey for schools is necessary to protect the pupils and teachers from harm.  The asbestos could be in the ceiling or the walls or around pipes or boilers.  As it ages the fibres can be released into the air. We specialise in removing the asbestos and taking it to a special yard that disposes of it in a responsible manner. Schools are particularly important as we need to protect the children from preventable diseases however we can.

Carrying out an asbestos survey for schools in Merseyside is one of our specialities. We have 8 branches around the country and we will have a branch within easy reach of your location. We take care of all aspects of asbestos management. Contact ACS today and have one of our experts visit your premises.  We will survey and test your premises and advise you on managing any asbestos found on your property.  We also carry out demolition surveys that are mandatory for any demolition site.  Any building that requires remodelling or demolition needs an asbestos survey to protect the workmen.