Asbestos Survey in Wandsworth

Asbestos Survey in WandsworthAn asbestos survey in Wandsworth is absolutely necessary for any commercial property in the UK. Asbestos is a toxic substance that was once readily used in building materials. While asbestos on its own does not cause harm, it is after the passage of time when its fibers get loose or disturbed, that it becomes a serious concern. These fibers are microscopic and often travel in the air. We breathe them in. Over time, asbestos fibers accumulate in the lungs leading to serious medical concerns such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, reduced respiratory function and even death. Sadly, there are no immediate symptoms of inhaled asbestosis until an illness has taken full swing. The only way you, the landlord or business owner can stop the likelihood of asbestos exposure is by opting for an asbestos survey.

If your commercial building is located in Wandsworth, an asbestos survey can be requested from ACS. We are an asbestos management service based out of Leeds. Our job is to help businesses and companies comply with their legal duty to manage asbestos on their respective properties. We have a team of qualified and experienced asbestos surveyors who will conduct a detailed and thorough asbestos survey of your property. Depending on our findings, we will suggest a course of action to remedy the problem. In addition to conducting surveys, we can refer you to a removal team who is qualified to remove and dispose asbestos from your property. Since this is a hazardous material, it requires special handling procedures. We also provide refurbishment demolition surveys. This type of survey might be required if you’re planning to carry out any kind of demolition or refurbishment work on a property.

If you suspect the presence of asbestos on your commercial property, don’t delay in getting an asbestos survey in Wandsworth. Contact ACS today and request an asbestos survey. Our team will be at your location immediately to do the needful. The results of the survey can help determine the best course of action to properly manage the asbestos on your property.