Asbestos Survey in Bath

Asbestos Survey in BathAn asbestos survey in Bath is the recommended course of action if you suspect there are asbestos-containing materials present in your building. Asbestos was extensively used in many applications, particularly in building materials as it was cheap, easy to acquire and had many excellent features. Asbestos is the known name for six different naturally occurring silicate minerals. Each is composed of long, thin fibrous crystals, and can be mined and produced into a huge variety of both construction materials and commercial products. Asbestos is exceptionally resistant to flames, heat, chemical and electrical damage.  It can absorb sound. It also has a high workable strength and is both quite flexible and lightweight.

If the asbestos-containing material is considered friable, it is both safer and wise to leave it in place than it is to remove it. In Bath, an asbestos survey is necessary as nearly all buildings that were built before 980 will contain asbestos in one form or another. When asbestos becomes friable, very little pressure is needed to dislodge its microscopic fibres. These then become airborne and can be inhaled, which in turn can lead to cancer and other diseases. Asbestos material also becomes friable when it is damaged, such as when a building is demolished or renovated. To ensure the mitigation of asbestos, trained and licensed professionals must carry out the work according to certain specifications and safety protocols, as required by law.

An asbestos survey in Bath is necessary to help avoid dangerous diseases caused by exposure to this toxic substance. It’s a carcinogen, and could lead to one or more diseases to those who have inhaled it. These include asbestosis and mesothelioma. For a comprehensive asbestos survey, contact ACS. Our surveys are detailed and specific and we can assist in providing the right guidance and advice if your building has asbestos-containing materials. With years of experience and a highly skilled team, our highly qualified asbestos surveyors will provide a comprehensive asbestos survey that is cost effective and thorough. We also ensure that you are informed at every stage about the exact asbestos service you will need to comply with current legislation.