Asbestos Survey in Bridgwater

Asbestos Survey in BridgwaterIt’s very important to have an asbestos survey in Bridgwater, if you are considering any redecoration or demolition in an older building that might have asbestos in it. ACS offers both management and demolition surveys, and asbestos management and removal services. A management survey will give you the assurance that you need to carry out your project safely and within budget. The company will keep you informed throughout the process and recommend the required steps in order to comply with the current legislation.

For companies in Bridgwater, asbestos survey may also take the form of a demolition survey. This type of survey is required before any refurbishment or demolition project that might be affected by asbestos. ACS offers a fully intrusive service that features destructive inspections if necessary. With a demolition survey, you will not find out the state of the asbestos itself, just its location and the expected area of damage upon demolition or once the refurbishment project is carried out. If you are not sure whether you need a demolition or a management survey, ACS will guide you through the process and help you pick the best option.

Besides asbestos survey in Bridgwater, other services include air testing/monitoring, asbestos training and asbestos advice. These services are complementary to the surveys, with air testing/monitoring being an additional service that might be required for some projects, and asbestos training being ideal in case your team has to work within an asbestos contaminated environment. The asbestos advice is there to guide your decision regarding the state of your building, or to help your team determine the best course of action when refurbishing or during a demolition project. So contact ACS today for all your asbestos needs. Do not let asbestos get in the way of a successful project. Once it is understood and located, asbestos is no longer a threat. With the surveys from ACS, you can ensure that your project goes along smoothly and that everyone on your team is safe. After all, there is no price that you can put on the health and safety of your work or home environment.