Asbestos Survey in Birchwood

Asbestos Survey in BirchwoodJust about every building constructed between the 1930’s and 1999 will have some asbestos in it and therefore needs an asbestos survey in Birchwood. It is mandatory to know where the asbestos is in your building and what condition it is in. Any building renovation or alteration both commercial and domestic needs a survey to establish the location of asbestos in the building. This needs to be given to the contractor so that the workers can take appropriate health and safety action to protect themselves from asbestos contamination. All demolition work need an asbestos survey and this will also require asbestos removal  which is regulated and needs to be done by an asbestos removal company. This is to ensure that the asbestos is kept intact before removal.

We now know that asbestos is dangerous to our health but for many years it was used as a wonder material for many different reasons. In Birchwood, asbestos survey and management is important for all businesses. If the asbestos is disturbed it can release tiny fibres into the air. These can be breathed into the lungs and can cause fatal consequences. Once they have lodged in the lungs there is no cure or way to remove them. All buildings that contain workers or the public must be tested and surveyed for asbestos. A management plan must be draw up and the asbestos that is in the building needs to be made safe either by encapsulation or removal if possible.

We help you to comply with health and safety regulations with an asbestos survey in Birchwood. Contact ACS today and we will visit your property and conduct a survey and offer advice on how to manage it. ACS offers all the necessary services to deal with asbestos, from surveys to testing the air quality and determining whether there is any asbestos in the air. We have the knowledge and experience to responsibly remove all asbestos without allowing it to become airborne. It is then carefully transported in special bags to an asbestos disposal site.