Asbestos Survey in Eccles

Asbestos Survey in EcclesIf you need an asbestos survey in Eccles, it is a good idea to consult with a professional company. At ACS, we are a well-established company and can provide comprehensive and thorough asbestos surveys. An asbestos survey is an important part of a property owner or manager’s legal responsibility to manage asbestos. An asbestos survey is essential if you are considering demolishing or refurbishing your building.

For property owners in Eccles, an asbestos survey is particularly necessary if your building is an older building. This is because it is likely to have asbestos containing materials present in the structure. Asbestos was considered a remarkable addition to building material as it has a number of worthy aspects. Asbestos was cheap, flexible, durable, and was an insulating and fire proof material. It is understandable why it was extensively used by construction companies. Unfortunately, exposure to asbestos and asbestos containing materials lead to often lethal diseases and cancers. The use of asbestos in construction was banned, and as a large number of older buildings still contain asbestos, it is vital that this is correctly managed to ensure the safety of the occupants of the building.

An asbestos survey in Eccles starts with a phone call to our team. We will schedule a time that is convenient to you for an asbestos survey that will ensure that you comply with current legislation. Our asbestos survey will determine where the asbestos is located and what condition it is in. For more information about how we can assist you with an asbestos survey, contact ACS. Our expert team has years of experience, are all highly qualified, so you can be sure that the survey you receive is completed to the highest of standards. If any asbestos found on your property is damaged and poses a threat, we can refer you to an asbestos removal company. Your safety is our concern, and our asbestos survey will ensure that your building is safe, and that you have the knowledge on how best to manage it.