Asbestos Survey in Rotherham

Asbestos Survey in RotherhamAn asbestos survey in Rotherham will provide you with necessary information about the lethal element if you are currently living in a building that was built in the last century. Most buildings of that era would probably contain asbestos, which was used in high quantities, oblivious of its nefarious effects on the human health. Its fatalities were only discovered much later, and unfortunately, many properties had already been built with asbestos by then. However, don’t worry. If you are planning to demolish part of a building that may contain asbestos, or you want to refurbish, you can get in touch with the professionals at ACS to carry out a survey.

It’s important to leave anything related to asbestos to the professionals in the field. In Rotherham, the asbestos survey carried out will provide you with crucial information and based on this, you will be allowed to proceed with any work that you may have planned. Or, you may have to get the asbestos removed or secured first before you proceed. During a refurbishment or demolition survey, we will simply inform the client of the whereabouts of asbestos, the areas that are affected, and the areas where more debris could be found. If required, we will advise you regarding the type of asbestos survey that is more suitable. We will also make sure that every asbestos survey that is carried out conforms to the HSG264 industry standards. We have other services such as air testing, asbestos training (we will teach and train your team on different aspects of asbestos and how to handle it), and asbestos advice – don’t hesitate to ask anything that you have on your mind, our experienced staff members will not hesitate to provide useful advice and recommendations.

For a professional asbestos survey in Rotherham, contact us at ACS. Besides surveys, we can assist you with asbestos management, Health and Safety training, environmental services and many more. We have a wealth of experience in testing, and management of asbestos, ensuring that guidelines are adhered to at all times. Give us a call today for an asbestos survey and keep your building, and its occupants safe from the threat of asbestos.