Asbestos Survey in Doncaster

Asbestos Survey in DoncasterIf you are planning any renovation on your property you will need an asbestos survey in Doncaster. They need to be carried out for the safety of the construction workers who will be handling the material that is removed from the building. If there is any asbestos in the waste it could be inhaled and cause serious damage to their health. The areas with asbestos are identified in a survey so that the appropriate clothing and safety gear can be worn. All buildings older than 17 years of age will have some asbestos in them. It is your responsibility to provide the renovation company with a survey detailing what kind of asbestos has been used and the state of the asbestos.

As the manager or owner of a business you are responsible for your staff and clients well being and safety. In Doncaster, asbestos survey with air testing could ensure that all health and safety regulations are being met. Any building erected before 1999 almost definitely had asbestos used in the construction. This need to be checked as once damaged the fibres can get into the air and be breathed into people’s lungs. The asbestos fibres are sharp and lodge in the lining of the lungs. They can never be removed and cause breathing difficulties over time. A survey by us will find any asbestos in the building and we will check to make sure it is intact and not shedding fibres. If this is the case then a note is made of the condition of the material and where it can be found.

We offer a comprehensive asbestos survey in Doncaster as well as training courses for staff. Contact ACS today and one of our inspection teams will examine your building. Our specialist team will refer you to a company who can remove asbestos from a building following the health and safety regulations. This entails special clothing covers and respiration masks. The asbestos if carefully placed into a bag which is securely sealed and then placed into a red bag which is also sealed. The waste is then taken to a special yard that deals with asbestos. It may not be taken to a landfill site or rubbish dump under any circumstances.