Asbestos Survey in Gateshead

Asbestos Survey in GatesheadACS Health, Safety and Environment provides your asbestos survey in Gateshead. It’s one of our many services we offer to help businesses like yours remain compliant with health and safety regulations. Our management survey is all you need to show that your building has been inspected by certified technicians for the presence of asbestos. Based on our findings, we make recommendations. If asbestos is present but contained, showing no damage, we’ll recommend your management maintain a close watch for changes and document the inspections. If our survey reveals damaged asbestos that could present a health threat, our recommendation may be removal and safe disposal.

A management survey involves a thorough inspection of the building but is not invasive. In Gateshead, asbestos survey will not damage your property in any way. If we determine a section of the building should undergo removal, we can seal it off and carry out the removal safely without evacuating the whole building. If you are planning refurbishment of a building built before 2000 you will need a survey of the intended workplace that is invasive. We will need to open walls because the refurbishment will likely disturb any existing asbestos and it will need to be removed before refurbishment can safely begin. In this instance as well, we may not need to evacuate the whole building to safely carry out the removal.

A demolition asbestos survey in Gateshead is one we carry out before a building can be demolished. Here we may find asbestos in building materials including roofing, siding, concrete and insulation. Before the building can come down we must safely remove all asbestos and asbestos containing building materials. Sometimes that involves removing the building in sealed sections because it can’t just be knocked down, releasing all that deadly asbestos dust into the surrounding environment. Call us at ACS for your survey. You can expect skilled professionals, experienced in the safe management of asbestos. We have the training, safety equipment and authorisations to perform the survey you need. When we remove asbestos we can follow up with air testing to be sure the environment is clear of the carcinogen.