Asbestos Survey in Huddersfield

Asbestos Survey in HuddersfieldWe offer an expert and comprehensive asbestos survey in Huddersfield which is one of the most important tasks to be undertaken before a building is demolished or renovated. Asbestos is classed as a hazardous material.  This is because the tiny fibres can easily be breathed into the lungs.  These sharp fibres penetrate the lung tissue and cause scarring.  The damage to the lungs is not seen immediately.  It can be many years before the symptoms become apparent.  This is the reason that buildings need an asbestos survey.  The survey is necessary for all commercial buildings erected or refurbished before 2000 as well as common domestic areas like stairwells and passages.  The use of asbestos was banned in 1999 because of the danger of it causing harm to those working near asbestos fibres.

Whenever renovations or building modification take place in Huddersfield, asbestos surveys are legally obliged to be done before work commences.  This allows the owner or manager of the building to supply the contractor with exact areas where asbestos can be found.  Our qualified and professional staff will survey the building and take samples to be examined for traces of asbestos. You will receive a comprehensive report on the findings.  Our service will extend to a meeting to discuss the drafting of the report which needs to be kept on the premises at all times.  This informs everyone where the asbestos material is and what type of asbestos it is.

Our team of experts who carry out the asbestos survey in Huddersfield will advise you on the best possible method of containing the asbestos in your building. Contact ACS today to have a survey carried out.  We have many years of experience in helping companies develop a comprehensive plan.  It may be that some of the material has suffered wear and tear and is releasing fibres into the environment.  We may recommend encapsulation or removal.   This will protect all the workers or inhabitants of your building and will guard against any repercussions against you as the building owner or manager. We offer one of the most comprehensive and professional surveys available.