Asbestos Survey in Wilmslow

Asbestos Survey in WilmslowAn asbestos survey in Wilmslow is an important obligation if you are the owner of a property. As the duty holder, the responsibility of ensuring a safe environment for the occupants of your building cannot be underestimated. You may wonder why an asbestos survey is necessary as asbestos has not been used in the building industry for many years. While this is true, there are many buildings that still contain asbestos in the materials used for the building’s construction. Asbestos can be found in many parts of the building such as cisterns, ceilings, drainpipes and roofs.

Asbestos was considered a modern wonder building material as it has many useful properties. In Wilmslow, an asbestos survey is necessary, particularly if the building in question was built prior to the 1980s. When it is old or damaged, asbestos begins to crumble and its fibres become airborne. The danger lies with these fibres being inhaled by people working or living within the building. Once the fibres are inhaled, they will lodge in the lining of the lungs and cause disease and cancer with disastrous results. In order to keep the occupants of your building safe from exposure to this lethal substance, an asbestos survey should be completed to determine where and how much asbestos-containing materials are present. Our surveyors are qualified and experienced in conducting professional asbestos surveys. Why not speak to us today about the different types of asbestos surveys we offer, and which would be the most appropriate for your building?

An asbestos survey in Wilmslow can be one of a number of different types of surveys. The management survey is the standard survey we offer. This determines the extent and location of any suspected asbestos-containing materials that are likely to become damaged or disturbed in the near future. This includes during routine maintenance and occupancy. Contact ACS today for more details about our asbestos surveys. We have many years of experience in managing your expectations through our experienced and highly qualified asbestos surveyors. They will provide a comprehensive and cost-effective asbestos survey, along with additional recommendations on the best course of action.