Asbestos Survey in Lincoln

Asbestos Survey in LincolnIf you’re not sure whether you need an asbestos survey in Lincoln, speak to our professionals for advice. Many older buildings still have large amounts of asbestos-containing materials. While it is no longer used in construction, many older homes, particularly those erected 20 years ago, still have asbestos within them. It is not advisable to handle the survey yourself as this puts you at risk of exposure, which can be detrimental to your health. Working with asbestos requires precautionary measures and our experts are well equipped to provide an asbestos survey in a safe and secure manner.

Perhaps you are considering renovating or demolishing your older building? In Lincoln, an asbestos survey is then mandatory. Legislation requires that any older building must have an asbestos survey completed prior to any renovation work or demolition. Our surveyors will conduct a thorough survey to determine the location and the condition of any asbestos in your building. Once this is done, a plan for the next course of action can be determined. When an asbestos survey is conducted, a management plan can be put in place to ensure the safety of the occupants of the building.  We can also assist with any asbestos-related queries. If it is found that your building does contain asbestos, we can refer you to the appropriate professional company for the safe removal of the asbestos.

An asbestos survey in Lincoln alleviates the risk of exposure to disturbed asbestos. When asbestos is damaged or disturbed, its fibres become airborne and can be inhaled by unsuspecting persons in the building. Once inhaled, the asbestos can cause disease and cancer, which is incurable. For more information about our range of different asbestos surveys, contact ACS.  Our rates are competitive, and we provide a top-quality service. All the surveys conducted by our team meet the required standards as set out by the HSE. Our asbestos surveyors are both experienced and highly qualified. You can rely on them to provide a comprehensive and cost-effective asbestos survey. They will also provide additional recommendations on the best course of action.