Asbestos Survey in Leicester that Meets Your Legal Obligations

Asbestos Survey in LeicesterThere is no law requiring you to schedule an asbestos survey in Leicester for your private residence. At ACS, we put our faith in the law of common sense and hope private homeowners will call us in to survey their home for the presence of asbestos. Before the health dangers were realised, asbestos was to the building industry what aspirin is to headaches. It was an absolute miracle product. It was plentiful, cheap, fireproof, durable and made everything it was added to stronger. So they added it to almost everything including paint, concrete, roof shingles, flooring products and cladding. They wrapped the water pipes in it so they wouldn’t freeze and stuffed the attic with it because it is a great insulator. They used it in refrigerators to help keep the cold in and lined cooking ovens with it to hold the heat.

The automotive industry was quick to pick up on the benefits of asbestos because of its fireproof qualities. For your home in Leicester, asbestos survey will reveal if asbestos is still present in the home and if it’s in a dangerous condition. If your kitchen floor started out as wood and then covered with lino, chances are asbestos is in the lino and the adhesive. If, since that time a sub floor has been laid and new floor covering installed, that lino and adhesive is not likely a danger because it’s contained. The same is true of the concrete foundation and the plaster walls; until they crumble. Damage releases the fibres into the air and they can be breathed in unknowingly.

An asbestos survey in Leicester will reveal any asbestos still in your home and garage or outbuildings. It will also document the condition of the asbestos containing material and recommend a plan of action for the present and the future. Our environmental company, ACS, has been a leader in the education about the dangers of asbestos and the management and/or eradication of it in a safe manner. We’ve made tremendous progress over the last 20 years and everyone is safer now. Once, products like baby powder, ironing board covers, toothpaste and thousands of other common household products contained asbestos. Contact ACS for a very affordable asbestos survey of your home. It will likely be a one-off event that will give you the information you need to keep your family safe.