Affordable and Thorough Asbestos Survey in Worksop

asbestos survey in worksopAn asbestos survey in Worksop can answer a lot of questions. Above all, it can tell you whether you have an asbestos problem or not. For many of our survey clients, we have had the privilege of informing them that there is no asbestos on the premises. A lot of progress has been made over the last 40 years as relates to asbestos understanding, education, eradication and safety practices. What was once thought to be a cheap and abundant miracle substance due to its fireproof, insulating and strengthening properties is now understood to be deadly under certain conditions. Our buildings are safer and, safer products have been found to replace the function of asbestos.

We’re not finished with the complete eradication of asbestos yet because there are still buildings waiting to be surveyed. In Worksop, asbestos survey will reveal the presence of asbestos, the condition of the asbestos, which may or may not be safe, and how best to manage it. We conduct these surveys and advise our clients of the appropriate steps to take. Sometimes, it is just keep an eye on it because it’s safely contained. Other times, the safer path is removal of all asbestos from the building. However, there are times when we find no trace of asbestos anywhere it could ever become a health risk. Those instances are becoming more frequent with each year. We consider that progress.

If you have never scheduled an asbestos survey in Worksop for your public or commercial building, do so now. It actually is a health and safety requirement that all public buildings be surveyed for the presence of asbestos. Owners or managers are tasked with following the recommendations. ACS specialises in Asbestos management as well as every aspect of public health and safety. We have numerous locations throughout the UK and are equipped to keep your building in compliance with health and safety regulations. Contact ACS and let us help you meet the latest guidelines for building safety with an asbestos survey. We can refer you to the correct organisations to carry out the safe removal and disposal of asbestos when that is the recommended course of action.