Stay Compliant with a Professional Asbestos Survey in Wrexham

Asbestos Survey in WrexhamIf you are considering an asbestos survey in Wrexham as a part of your asbestos management plan, ACS can help you. As a result of the presence of indecomposable fibres in asbestos, many health risks are associated with this silicate mineral. Prolonged exposures to asbestos can lead to some life-threatening conditions. Every year, in the UK alone, 2500 people die of mesothelioma cases. In a vast majority of the cases, asbestos fibres are responsible for these deaths. In 2012, the government made it mandatory for many buildings to get an asbestos survey. To know whether your building must undergo this survey, you have to know just two things. If your building was built before 2000, when asbestos was banned, and if it has not been inspected yet. Many building owners do not have any clear idea about the danger of asbestos. But the issue should not be taken lightly.

For property owners in Wrexham, asbestos survey is a term that denotes asbestos survey in general, asbestos testing and asbestos management. We provide all these services. We have years of experience in working in industrial and commercial sectors. Speak to us about a cost effective asbestos survey for your building. Our experts will carry out an asbestos survey in your building, and the survey is completed to asbestos testing guidelines. Throughout the process, our experts maintain clear communication and keep you informed about the progress.

If you want to make an informed decision, learning about the services of a professional asbestos survey in Wrexham can be helpful. Some common types of asbestos surveys are asbestos management surveys, pre-demolition surveys, refurbishment surveys, re-inspections, screening, limited asbestos surveys and soil surveys. To know what type of survey needs to be conducted on your property, contact ACS today.  Conducting an asbestos survey is mandatory if the building was constructed before 2000. If any asbestos is found in your property, you are legally bound to manage it. But there are several types of asbestos surveys, and a few factors are taken into consideration when determining the requirements.