Use a Professional Company for a Necessary Asbestos Survey in Preston

Asbestos Survey in PrestonAt ACS, we are professionals equipped to conduct your asbestos survey in Preston. If yours is a public building, you are required to maintain the safety of the building. The presence of uncontained asbestos in the building is a health hazard and a very serious one at that. Microscopic asbestos fibres, breathed into the lungs, can become embedded in the tissue and cause deadly lung diseases. So everyone who owns a public building, as well as domestic homebuyers and sellers should schedule an asbestos survey. Our team won’t be poking holes in your walls or damaging anything. An asbestos survey is primarily visual.

Your heating pipes might be wrapped in asbestos or it might be part of the insulation within your walls. The concern in a Preston asbestos survey is if the material is contained. In other words, it’s sealed off so there are no loose fibres floating around. As long as the wrapping around the pipes isn’t damaged, there is no problem. If there are no holes or gaps around receptacles, the insulation is not bothering anybody. When we prepare our written survey report we’ll indicate the presence of asbestos but note that it presents no threat. Our recommendations will be for the owner or manager to monitor those areas for damage frequently. If any damage is noticed, then  you want immediate help to eradicate it.

When we prepare  your asbestos survey in Preston, we include recommendations based on the presence if any and condition of the asbestos.  There is always the possibility that there will be no asbestos found. Or, if it is, it’s in the paint, concrete, roof shingles and cladding, sealed tight and no threat. The threat comes when the building is demolished. We can remove the threat of asbestos contamination by removing the asbestos from your building and disposing of it safely. Contact ACS if you are in need of an asbestos survey. Whatever your environmental issue, we will have the solution. We can help you recognise asbestos, especially in areas where it’s been damaged. That way, when you are monitoring the situation, you will know what to look for.