Asbestos Survey in Tyldesley, Professional and Comprehensive

Asbestos Survey in TyldesleyFor a professional and comprehensive asbestos survey in Tyldesley, remember ACS. We are a company that helps businesses comply with their duty to manage asbestos. This is a legal requirement. You’ll find that our experienced and qualified asbestos surveyors are available for a cost-effective and comprehensive asbestos survey. We will recommend the best course of action for your business. Disease and cancer caused by inhalation of asbestos fibres is incurable. The fibres are extremely small, and cannot be easily seen. If a person is working in a building that has asbestos-containing materials, it is likely that he will not know of the danger. This is why an asbestos survey is so important.

Many, if not most, old buildings contain some form of asbestos. In Tyldesley, an asbestos survey will determine the location and extent of the damage of any asbestos-containing materials. Asbestos can be found in many parts of an older building. These include AIB partition walls, cisterns, loose fill insulation and many more. An untrained person is not likely to recognise asbestos that is friable or old. This is why we rely on experts. They have the knowledge, skills and experience to determine where and how much asbestos is present. We offer asbestos surveys that will bring you peace of mind. With the information gathered from the survey, you will be able to prepare a detailed and thorough management plan for the asbestos in your building. We can also assist you with the preparation of the management plan.

Need a professional asbestos survey in Tyldesley? Speak to the professionals, contact ACS today to schedule an appointment for your building’s asbestos survey. With our many years of experience, knowledge and skill, you can rest assured that you (and your building) are in the right hands. There is no reason to risk a chance with asbestos. Take the first step to protecting you and your employees with a professional asbestos survey from ACS. We take pride in our quality and affordable services. We help make a difference.