Asbestos Survey in Chester – Keep your Building Safe and Legally Compliant

Asbestos Survey in ChesterAn asbestos survey in Chester can help you prepare a management plan to deal with any asbestos in your building. We offer asbestos surveys to ensure that you are both legally compliant and safe. It is necessary (and a legal requirement) to have an asbestos survey completed if your building was erected prior to 2000. When we provide an asbestos survey, we can assist you to prepare an asbestos management plan. In this way, your building is legally compliant, and you will ensure the safety of those who occupy it. Asbestos is a natural fibrous silicate material. While it comes in 3 different forms, Chrysotile, also known as white asbestos, was the most commonly used asbestos in building materials.

As any form of asbestos is toxic, exposure can lead to terminal illnesses such as asbestosis, cancer and mesothelioma. In Chester, an asbestos survey should not be considered a DIY project. It is essential that you use the services of a well-established company with experience in dealing with asbestos. We can assist. Our expert team of surveyors have many years of experience in providing comprehensive, safe and professional surveys. We offer 2 types of survey. The most popular survey is the management survey. This survey will locate both the presence and extent of any asbestos-containing material in your building. These would be materials that are likely to be disturbed in the near future, whether through maintenance or any installation works. The information determined from this survey will assist you in the preparation of a management plan.

An asbestos survey in Chester can save lives. With a management plan in place, you will have access to the information necessary to ensure that the occupants of your building are aware of any asbestos, and what to do should they encounter it. If you need an expert for an asbestos survey for your building, contact ACS today. We will schedule a survey at a time that is convenient to you. We’re happy to provide a quotation for the survey, and you will find that our rates are competitive. You’ll also find that we provide a very high level of professionalism and expertise.