Not Sure if you Need an Asbestos Survey in Oswestry for Your Building?

Asbestos Survey in Oswestry Not sure if you need an asbestos survey in Oswestry for your building? If your building is an old building, one that was constructed prior to 2000, you do need an asbestos survey. Asbestos was a hugely popular additive for building materials. It offered a host of benefits such as strength, resistance to fire and electricity, cost-effective, lightweight and easily obtainable. It makes perfect sense that this was the go-to substance to use in building and manufacture. However, the effects of exposure to asbestos rose dramatically, and as a result, this substance was banned from use.  While it was banned, there are still a great many buildings that contain asbestos in some form or another.

Asbestos can be found in ceilings, flooring, insulation, tiling and more. In Oswestry, an asbestos survey serves to locate and determine the condition of any asbestos-containing materials. A professional company can provide the type of asbestos survey suitable for your building. Our professionals have years of experience in conducting different types of asbestos surveys. If you need advice, or more information, please feel to give us a ring. We can also provide a quote for an asbestos survey for your building. The management survey is our most popular survey. This survey will find where the asbestos is in your building. It will also determine its condition. The asbestos that is located is any that is likely to be disturbed or damaged in the foreseeable future.

An asbestos survey in Oswestry provides guidance on what to do. With the information from the asbestos survey, you will be able to have a management plan in place. This enables you and your employees to better understand what is required. If you need an asbestos survey for your building, contact ACS now. Once the survey is complete, and it is determined that some asbestos-containing materials need to be removed and safely disposed of, we can refer you to a professional removal company. Our aim is to ensure that you and your building are both safe and legally compliant.