An Asbestos Survey in Tamworth is Essential Before a Refurb Project

Asbestos Survey in Tamworth Planning a remodel of your building is exciting, but it does require an asbestos survey in Tamworth as the essential first step. All buildings that were erected before 2000 likely have asbestos in some form within them. Asbestos was used as a wonder building material in the past because of its many positive properties. Unfortunately, despite this, it was also discovered that exposure to asbestos fibres resulted in mostly incurable diseases and cancer. As a result, every building that is likely to have asbestos-containing materials in it must have an asbestos survey conducted. Additionally, if you’re planning on having your older building demolished, a more intensive survey is required.

It is essential to keep occupants of any building safe from harm. This is why, in Tamworth, an asbestos survey is necessary. If you are planning on remodelling your building, or demolishing it, a refurb/demo asbestos survey will be required. Any asbestos in a building that is undergoing renovations will be disturbed. This then will cause the release its microscopic fibres into air here they can subsequently inhaled by those in its vicinity. Asbestos fibres are tiny. They are also hard and the human body cannot expel them. The edge themselves in the lining of the lungs, and as they are hard and sharp, can also tear the lung’s lining. The result of this is asbestos-related disease and cancer such as asbestosis and mesothelioma.

An asbestos survey in Tamworth can help identify the location and state of any asbestos-containing materials. With this information, you can prepare a management plan in order to help safeguard the occupants of the building. Additionally, you will also be legally compliant. For more details about our asbestos surveys and how we can assist you, contact ACS. Our expert team of surveyors have many years of experience. They also have the skill and knowledge to ensure a safe yet thorough asbestos survey. When you are aware of the amount and the extent of the danger, you are able to plan the best way forward. Let us assist.