Rely on an Expert Team for An Asbestos Survey in Nuneaton

Asbestos Survey in NuneatonIf you require an asbestos survey in Nuneaton, you can rely on our expert team. Regardless of how modern your building looks, if it as erected before 2000, it most likely has asbestos-containing materials in its construction.  Asbestos can be found in many parts of a building. These include ceiling boards, cisterns, gutters, fascia boards, insulation and more. As it as an excellent heat resisting material that provided both strength and durability to all it as added to, it was extensively used. Unfortunately, asbestos also is a killer. Known as the silent killer, the tiny asbestos fibres, when inhaled, can cause incurable disease and cancer.

This is why it is banned. However, in Nuneaton, an asbestos survey remains necessary before any demolition , renovation or refurbishment work to a building. It is best to rely on the expertise of a professional]al team with the right experience in conducting asbestos surveys. This is here e are available to assist. Our surveyors have the experience, knowledge and skill to ensure an excellent result. We offer 2 types of surveys. One is the management survey which is necessary if no alterations are planned for the future. The 2nd is the one needed before any demolition or alteration work – the refurb/demo asbestos survey. This survey is more intrusive of the former and is essential before any new building work can be done.

An asbestos survey in Nuneaton is cost-effective. Peace of mind knows no price, and with our team, you can rest assured that the survey will be professionally completed. For more details, or to schedule your own survey, contact ACS today. Our surveyors will use the information gathered in the survey to assist you with creating a professional asbestos management plan. This is also a mandatory requirement.  Additionally, we can assist you with any asbestos-related queries you may have. Speak to us today and get peace of mind knowing that your building is safe for its occupants. Moreover, if any asbestos needs to be removed from your premises, we can provide the contact details of a professional asbestos removal company.