Asbestos Survey in Walsall – Choose a Professional Company

Asbestos Survey in Walsall Our professional team can assist with an asbestos survey in Walsall for your office building. Most, if not all old buildings have asbestos-containing materials. Asbestos as extensively used in the past as an excellent building additive as it provided a great many beneficial properties to the final structure. It was strong, insulating, cheap and readily available. Take a look at your building. The ceiling likely has asbestos in it. As does the insulation, the flooring, electrical panels, window sills and more. That is in the inside of the building. The outside of the building likely has asbestos in its roof, fascias and soffits, guttering, doors, and in the cement.

If any of these are disturbed or damaged, it could pose a problem. In Walsall, an asbestos survey can identify the places where the asbestos-containing materials are. It can also determine their condition. While it as extensively used in the past, it was discovered that exposure to its fibres cause irreparable harm. Asbestos is friable and when it ages it releases its microscopic fibres into the air. These fibres, while extremely tough, cannot be seen by the naked eye. If they’re inhaled, they lodge in the lining of the lungs. The body cannot remove them and they cause both disease and cancer. To avoid this, an asbestos survey is an essential first step. Our professional surveyors can assist. Each member of our team has the experience, the skill and the expertise to assist with a professional asbestos survey.

An asbestos survey in Walsall can help you, the building owner, create the right management plan for your building. It is a legal requirement to have such a plan in place. Thus, an asbestos survey is essential to glen the necessary information. We can assist. For more information, please contact ACS today. Our surveyors will perform either a management or a refurb/demo survey, depending on your needs. The management survey is the more popular survey. It helps determine where any asbestos-containing materials are located and what their condition is. Our experts can assist with the necessary information on the best way forward to manage the asbestos in your building.