Why an Asbestos Survey in Birmingham is So Necessary

Asbestos Survey in Birmingham For an asbestos survey in Birmingham that ticks all the right boxes, choose a professional team. An asbestos survey is a necessary step in keeping the occupants of your building safe. Most old buildings contain asbestos in one form or another. In the past, asbestos was extensively used in building materials. Offering qualities such as strength, resistance to temperatures and electricity, it is no common in many parts of an older building. Ceilings, cisterns, flooring, insulation and many more parts of a building have asbestos-containing materials. However, inhaling asbestos fibres causes deadly disease and cancer. This is why building owners must monitor any asbestos in their building.

If your building is an old building, it is likely to contain asbestos. In Birmingham, an asbestos survey can locate any asbestos. It can also determine its condition. By having an asbestos survey, you will be able to use the information to create a suitable asbestos management plan. This is a mandatory requirement, as is an asbestos survey. Our surveyors have the experience, knowledge and expertise to ensure a thorough and comprehensive asbestos survey. It is not a DIY project as it can be dangerous. Moreover, if you are planning on remodelling or demolishing your building, a more intensive survey is necessary. Our surveyors have the right tools to ensure this.

An asbestos survey in Birmingham can help save lives. When you are aware of the extent and condition of the asbestos in your building, you have the information you need for safety. Moreover, if our surveyors find substantial amounts of asbestos in your building that may pose a threat, we can refer you to an authorised asbestos removal company. For more details about how we can assist, contact ACS today. You are welcome to schedule your building’s survey at a time that suits you best. The management survey, one of the most popular surveys, is minimally intrusive and can provide the necessary information for your management plan. If you’re planning on renovating, the refurb/demo survey will be necessary. This is a more intensive survey and does require destructive inspection.