An Asbestos Survey in Skipton, Both Mandatory and Necessary

Asbestos Survey in SkiptonAn asbestos survey in Skipton is both mandatory and necessary for all old buildings. Most, if not all buildings constructed before 2000 still have some form of asbestos in their structure. The reason for this is that asbestos was widely used as an additive to building materials. Its properties provided strength and durability to building materials. However, it was subsequently discovered that exposure to asbestos fibres is life threatening and was banned. Unfortunately, asbestos-containing materials are still present, and still pose a risk in most old buildings. Asbestos releases its fibres into the air if it is disturbed or damaged. These fibres cannot be easily seen. A survey is thus necessary to identify the presence and extent of any asbestos-containing materials.

Our experts can assist. In Skipton, an asbestos survey can identify potential risks. However, it is not a DIY project and requires a skilled, experienced and authorised surveyor to complete it. Moreover, we’re asbestos experts and provide a safe, comprehensive service regarding all aspects of asbestos. The most popular asbestos survey is the management survey. The information obtained from this survey will also assist in the preparation of a management plan. The asbestos regulations stipulate that the owner or the manager of the building must be aware of any asbestos-containing materials in his building. Our expert team is available to provide a comprehensive survey that will suit your specific requirements.

Our experts can assist with both types of asbestos survey in Skipton. Contact ACS right away for more details on how our experts can assist with the right asbestos survey for your building. In addition, the information that is gathered during the survey is used to create a management plan. The management plan is also a requirement and assists the duty holder in managing the asbestos in the building as well as how the occupants of the building can be kept safe. Our expert team can also assist if any asbestos-containing materials must be removed from your building. We can refer you to a qualified professional who will safely remove and dispose of the asbestos. Use the services of an expert team for your building’s asbestos survey.