Asbestos Survey in Matlock Ensures Legal Compliance of Your Building

Asbestos Survey in Matlock As the owner of an older building, it is necessary to have an asbestos survey in Matlock to ensure legal compliance. Asbestos was widely used as a building product because of its many recognised properties. It is resistant to heat and many different types of chemicals. It was extremely popular in the 1960’s and 70’s until the dangers of asbestos became more known. As a result, a large number of buildings, particularly older buildings, have more than the legal amount of asbestos present. This poses a serious health risk to those living or working within these buildings if the asbestos material is damaged or corroding.

For older buildings in Matlock, an asbestos survey can be done to determine the amount, condition and location of asbestos-containing material within the building. We offer a range of services, and these include comprehensive asbestos surveys. Our surveys include a management survey, and a refurbishment and demolition survey. The management survey is conducted to determine and then assess the location and extent of any suspected asbestos-containing materials in the building that could possibly be damaged or disturbed during normal occupancy. This would also include any planned maintenance and installation works. A refurbishment and demolition survey is essential before any refurbishment or demolition work is done. This survey is intrusive and involves destructive inspection, if needed, to get to the areas in question. It doesn’t assess the condition of the asbestos, except to note areas of damage or where more asbestos debris could possibly be found.

An asbestos survey in Matlock is necessary in order for businesses to comply with current legislation, and to ensure the health of the occupants of the building. If you are concerned about the presence of asbestos in the building materials of your property, contact ACS for a professional asbestos survey. Should the survey conducted at your premises produce evidence of asbestos, you could also make use of our services for professional and safe asbestos management. We can also refer you to a professional company for asbestos removal. Speak to the professionals at ACS, and receive a clear and concise asbestos survey and report.