An Asbestos Survey in Kendal Ensures Safety for the Occupants of Your Building

Asbestos Survey in Kendal An asbestos survey in Kendal ensures that your building is safe for the occupants. Not many people are aware of what asbestos actually looks like, or where it could be found in a building. In the past, asbestos was highly popular when added to building materials. It offered a great number of excellent benefits and was soon touted as the miracle additive to construction materials. Unfortunately, exposure to asbestos leads to disease and cancer. Asbestos can be found in many parts of a building.  These include the ceiling, flooring, insulation, guttering and many more. The use of asbestos in building is now banned.  When certain types of asbestos get old or damaged, it will release its fibres into the air. If these are inhaled, they will cause deadly diseases and cancers.

Asbestos is commonly found in all old buildings erected prior to 2000. Thus, in Kendal, an asbestos survey is the first step in ensuring the safety of your building. It is essential to find out where the asbestos is located in a building and what sort of condition it is in. This provides the information needed to make sure none of the asbestos is disturbed during normal occupation of your building. Hence, the importance of an asbestos survey cannot be undermined. Furthermore, it is also a legal requirement. Speak to a professional company for an asbestos survey. This is where our team is available to help. We have a team of professional surveyors, all of whom have a wealth of experience concerning asbestos and asbestos surveys.

You can rely on a professional team for a comprehensive asbestos survey in Kendal. We have the knowledge, the experience and the skill to ensure the right asbestos survey for your building. Contact ACS right away for more information about our asbestos surveys, or to schedule your own asbestos survey. It makes perfect sense to use the services of a professional company for your building’s  asbestos survey. Once the survey is complete, you’ll also have the necessary information to compile a management plan. Let us assist you in keeping both your building and its occupants are safe.