Opt for a Professional Asbestos Survey in Wednesbury

Asbestos Survey in WednesburyFor an asbestos survey in Wednesbury for your commercial building, remember ACS. An asbestos survey is essential for any old building.  The awareness of the dangers of asbestos has increased, but, unfortunately, there are still old buildings being used that pose a risk. Asbestos was widely used as an excellent additive to building materials. It added strength, heat, electrical and chemical resistance and was easily available. The problem lies in the age of the asbestos and in disturbing it. Some types of asbestos becomes friable and when disturbed, releases its tiny fibres into the air. When the fibres are inhaled, they lodge in the lungs and cause incurable disease and cancer.

The fibres are hard and cannot be expelled from the body. As such, in Wednesbury, an asbestos survey is essential if you own or manage an old building. Most buildings erected prior to 2000 still contain asbestos. In fact, it is mandatory to have an asbestos survey of your old building to ensure the correct management of any asbestos within it. Asbestos was extensively used in the building industry. Today, it is still found in floor tiles, ceilings, guttering, cisterns, insulation and more. A professional team can provide an asbestos survey. This will inform you of where any asbestos can be found and the condition it is in. It also helps to devise a comprehensive management plan.

When you have an asbestos survey in Wednesbury, you are ensuring the safety of its occupants, and you are legally compliant. It remains essential to use the services of an expert team, one that has the right knowledge to deal with asbestos. Contact ACS if you need a professional and safe asbestos survey for your commercial building. We have the training, experience and the knowledge about asbestos. Our team has provided professional assistance to many businesses. We’re happy to offer our services to you. Let us assist with a professional, detailed and specific asbestos survey.