An Asbestos Survey in Birkenhead is the Right Thing to do

Asbestos Survey in Birkenhead An asbestos survey in Birkenhead is the right thing to do. If you are planning on a renovation project, an asbestos survey is essential before you start. This is particularly true if your building is an old building. Most, if not all buildings constructed before 2000 have asbestos in the building materials used. Asbestos was highly regarded as an excellent addition to most building materials. It offered strength, electrical and chemical resistance and was incredibly strong. Asbestos was highly popular in the construction trade because of all its attractive features. However, some asbestos gets friable when it ages or is damaged. This results in its fibres becoming airborne. The fibres are inhaled by people in the vicinity, causing disease and cancer for which there is no cure.

For your building in Birkenhead, an asbestos survey is at the top of the list for your renovation plans. An asbestos survey, such as the management survey, indicates the location of the asbestos, as well as its condition. Some asbestos does not need removal. However, if it is likely to be disturbed during normal workday activities, its removal is recommended. Our surveyors can provide the information you’ll need before you can begin any renovations. The information will also be used for your asbestos management plan. This is also required by law. A management plan gives guidance on how the asbestos in your building will be managed, and safety procedures are included in the plan.

An asbestos survey in Birkenhead must be completed by a professional surveyor. As such, we have the knowledge, experience and the skill to ensure the best asbestos survey for your building. In addition, all the surveys that we conduct are in accordance to the guidelines as set out by the HSE. You can be sure that our surveyors will provide a survey that is safe, and provides the necessary information. For more details about our asbestos survey services, contact ACS today. In addition to asbestos surveys, we can refer you to the right companies for expert asbestos removal services.