Safe, Professional and Effective Asbestos Removal in St Helens

Asbestos Removal in St HelensAsbestos removal in St Helens must be done if there are asbestos-containing materials found in your building. If you have an older building, and you’re concerned about asbestos, you’d have had an asbestos survey, as required by law. Asbestos was used as a construction material for a number of reasons. It is affordable, lasts for years, adds strength to other building materials and is fire resistant. Yet, the microscopic fibres that make up asbestos are a health hazard when inhaled. They become embedded in lungs, heart and abdomen tissue and cause mesothelioma. If the survey finds there is asbestos that needs to be removed and disposed of, speak to a professional and registered asbestos removal company.

Asbestos, when untouched, often does not pose a threat. However, in St Helens, asbestos removal must be carried out properly to avoid dispersing the asbestos fibres into the air and in the ground. Asbestos may be present in your building’s roof, cladding, insulation, guttering system and concrete flooring. It is essential that an authorised company is the one to remove the asbestos from your building. As such, we can refer you to the appropriate asbestos removal company. We only use those who have the right credentials. The company will ensure that the removal is in accordance with legal requirements. Each member of the team that provides the removal has the right training and experience to ensure a safe job.

Asbestos removal in St Helens is often necessary after an asbestos survey. For more details about asbestos removal services, contact ACS today. In addition, our project managers are also available to ensure the process runs smoothly. We’ll provide the information you need about the removal companies available to remove the asbestos-containing materials from your property. Furthermore, we’ll ensure that you are legally compliant regarding asbestos. In addition, our experts are available to assist you with any queries you may have about asbestos removal from your property.