Asbestos Survey in Birkenhead – Essential for Safety and Legal Compliance

Asbestos Survey in Birkenhead An asbestos survey in Birkenhead is necessary for a number of reasons. Many, if not all, old buildings contain some form of asbestos. Asbestos is a silent killer, and in order to ensure the safety of the occupants of your building, you will need to know where the asbestos is, its condition and how to manage it. It is also a legal requirement. The best way to ensure that you remain aware and informed is to use the services of an expert company for an asbestos survey. This would be the first step to take in ensuring that your building is safe.

For your commercial building in Birkenhead, an asbestos survey will be completed by our expert surveyors. The standard asbestos survey is the management survey. This survey includes determining the location and the extent of any asbestos-containing materials within your building that are likely to be disturbed by normal occupancy. The asbestos-containing materials may be in a secure condition and not likely to be damaged in the future. If, however, they need to be removed, this is noted, and plans can be made for effective and safe asbestos and disposal. We will refer you to a qualified company for the removal. We will, however, manage the entire process, from inception to completion.

We are happy to provide a quote for an asbestos survey in Birkenhead. Our team is both professional and experienced. You are welcome to contact ACS today for more information on how we can assist you. Your asbestos survey will include a comprehensive report on our surveyors’ findings, as well as additional advice on the best way forward to manage the asbestos on your property. We will inform you of our findings throughout so that you remain informed and aware. Our aim is to help businesses comply with the relevant Asbestos and Health and Safety Regulations. Ensure your property is safe for all within it, and speak to us about a professional asbestos survey.