Asbestos Survey in Telford Finds the Location of Asbestos-Containing Materials

Asbestos Survey in Telford An asbestos survey in Telford can identify the location and condition of any asbestos-containing materials within your building. Asbestos was extensively used in building materials. The reason for this is that asbestos has many attractive qualities. Further, it also provides strength to the materials. In fact, it was so highly regarded that it was present in almost every building material used in construction. It is now still present in many parts of a building. These include insulation boards, ceilings, floor tiles and paint. It was used because of its resistance to chemicals, electricity, heat, and corrosion, making it the ideal additive. However, exposure to asbestos fibres resulted in serious illnesses and its use was subsequently banned.

Many, if not all old buildings still contain asbestos. Thus, in Telford, an asbestos survey is mandatory if you are planning on building onto or demolishing your old building. It may come as a shock that so many old buildings still contain asbestos. Asbestos was a popular material. While asbestos itself is not dangerous, it is when it gets old, or when it is damaged that it becomes hazardous. If the asbestos is disturbed, it’ll release tiny fibres into the air. People in the vicinity will inhale these fibres. They will lodge in the lining of their lungs and, this in turn can cause cancer and other serious diseases. These are incurable. The best way to ensure the occupants of the building remain safe is to have an asbestos survey.

An asbestos survey in Telford will locate the presence of any asbestos-containing materials. It will also assess their condition. With an asbestos survey, you will have the information you require to prepare a management plan. In this way, you will be able to ensure the safety of the people who occupy your building. Contact ACS today if you need an asbestos survey by a professional team. We have many years of experience of working with asbestos-related concerns. Our surveyors are professional, experienced and thorough. All the surveys we conduct adhere to the HSC guidelines. Speak to us about an affordable quote for your building’s asbestos survey.