An Asbestos Survey in Matlock – an Important, Necessary Step

Asbestos Survey in MatlockAn asbestos survey in Matlock is an important step to ensure the safety of your building. All older buildings must have an asbestos survey conducted. This is especially necessary if the building was erected before 2000. As asbestos was widely used in building materials to provide strength and other excellent properties, it is still present in some buildings today. Asbestos can be found both inside and outside a building. As such, guttering, fascias and soffits, drainpipes, and roof sheets are but a few of the outside places asbestos can be present. On the inside of a building, asbestos can be found in insulation, floor tiles, paint and more.

It is essential to ensure that your building is safe. As such, in Matlock, an asbestos survey is the first step to take. A survey will determine where any asbestos-containing materials are. Furthermore, it will also indicate the amount there is possibly present. Asbestos itself is not dangerous. It is when it is old or damaged that it presents a problem. When asbestos gets old, it becomes friable. This means it can release its microscopic fibres into the air. The fibres are tiny, and can lodge in a person’s lungs. This then can cause dreaded cancers and disease. The sad thing is that these illnesses do not manifest any symptoms until many years later.

An asbestos survey in Matlock provides the necessary information for a management plan. This plan is also mandatory. It helps building owners to prepare the necessary steps to manage any asbestos-containing material effectively. If your building needs an asbestos survey, contact ACS right away. Our experts are available to assist with the right asbestos survey for your building. We offer two types of asbestos survey – the management survey, and the demo/refurb survey. In addition, we are happy to provide any advice regarding asbestos and its management. It is essential to ensure that your building is safe for those who work within it. With our asbestos surveys, this is possible.