Asbestos Survey in Selly Oak – Essential for Safety

Asbestos Survey in Selly OakThere is more than 1 reason why an asbestos survey in Selly Oak is important. The first is safety. When you have an asbestos survey, you’ll be ensuring that your old building is safe for your employees. The second is that it is a legal requirement. As most old buildings have some form of asbestos within them, they can pose a danger to those in the vicinity. The third is the provision of information. After an asbestos survey, you will have the necessary information to create a working management plan. This is also a legal requirement. If you are wondering why there is such a fuss surrounding asbestos, it is now banned. However, many old buildings still have asbestos-containing materials throughout. Asbestos-containing materials are present in a huge number of areas in a building – some that would come as a surprise.

Asbestos was highly regarded as a building material additive in the past. As such, in Selly Oak, an asbestos survey can indicate the many different areas it is present. Parts of a building such as the ceiling boards, tiles on the floor, insulation and more all contain asbestos. It was used as a ‘wonder’ material for years because of its excellent properties. It made buildings strong. However, it was discovered that exposure to asbestos fibres caused incurable disease and cancer. When it is left alone, asbestos is not dangerous. Yet, when it ages or is damaged it becomes friable. This makes it easy for its fibres – and these are tiny – to become airborne. Inhaling or swallowing these fibres causes cancer. Unfortunately, there is no cure. In addition, the symptoms of the diseases only manifest years after exposure.

An asbestos survey in Selly Oak ensures that your building is safe for all your employees. With a survey, you’ll find out where and how much asbestos there is. As such, this information assists in creating a good management plan. This is the responsibility of every building owner. If you need assistance and require an asbestos survey, contact ACS right away. We can provide a thorough asbestos survey to ensure your building is safe – and legally compliant. Furthermore, we have the right experience and training to ensure an excellent level of workmanship.