Asbestos Survey in Sheffield

Asbestos Survey in SheffieldCall ACS for an asbestos survey in Sheffield. A survey will ascertain if there are any materials on the premises that contain asbestos. If there is asbestos present, you need to know how much, where it is and what kind of condition it is in. You can count on ACS to keep your premises compliant with current environmental legislation. Included in our detailed survey report are recommendations for management of any asbestos found on the site. The survey report is easy to understand and we will go through it with you to explain any action that should be taken. You want to keep your business environment safe for your employees and customers. ACS will help you acquire the knowledge needed to do that. ACS is a team of professionals experienced in providing solutions to safety in the workplace environment.

In Sheffield, an asbestos survey by ACS will cover one of two different categories. The standard survey will cover the presence and management of asbestos in the work place. It is not intrusive and no walls or fixtures will be opened or removed. The second type of survey is needed before any remodelling or demolition is ordered. The demolition survey is intrusive. The condition of the asbestos is not a factor. Our concern is to locate all asbestos on the site and note any areas where debris or damage might create an environmental hazard. We will need to use invasive and sometimes destructive techniques to locate all hazardous materials.

It is possible that your business will need a management asbestos survey in Sheffield for part of the building, and a demolition survey for another part. If you plan to remodel a portion of the building you will likely need a refurbishment survey. You want that done if plumbing and heating fixtures will be moved or interior and exterior walls are restructured. The asbestos has to be removed before restoration begins to protect against asbestos fibres escaping into the air. The portion of the building not included in the remodelling will need to be sealed off from the demolition area. Asbestos is a dangerous risk to health unless it is managed. Your survey will include all the necessary information for you to manage the safety of your workplace according to government standards. For more details about an asbestos survey, contact ACS.