Asbestos Survey in Altrincham

Asbestos Survey in Altrincham You need to have an asbestos survey in Altrincham if you are the owner or maintenance manager responsible for building safety. In 2012 the Control of Asbestos Regulation came into force. According to that regulation you are legally required to manage the asbestos. How much management you have to do will be revealed by an asbestos survey performed by the environmental specialists at ACS. Your survey may be all that is necessary if it shows there is no damaged or loose asbestos anywhere in the building. It is okay for asbestos to be present because as long as it is undisturbed it is safe. Once disturbed, unseen fibres can be inhaled in the lungs causing disease and sometimes death. As long as the asbestos is intact and your survey shows it, you are in compliance legally and morally.

In Altrincham, asbestos survey reports or Asbestos Risk Assessment is a legal requirement for those responsible for commercial property. If you cannot produce one, you risk being shut down until you have proof the building is safe. A prohibition notice slapped onto your building is bad for business. It seems prudent to comply with the environmental and health regulations sooner rather than later. ACS health and safety professionals are qualified and experienced to safely conduct asbestos surveys. Our reports are thorough and detailed but easily understood. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have. Our prices are competitive. If you have information regarding size and age of the building, we may be able to give you a quote over the phone. However, there is no charge for us to come to you and give you a quote on site.

When you schedule your asbestos survey in Altrincham with ACS, we will alert you to any safety risks. ACS serves each client according to their needs. Whatever safety or health risk that is present in your building, we are equipped to provide a solution if one is needed. However, if you just need to be made aware of the potential risk, the advice and information is free. We are not out to charge you for services you do not need. We do believe that safety and environmental risks should be addressed by those professionals who have made a career of keeping inner and outer environments safe. At ACS, our experienced team has solutions to fit your needs. For more information about an asbestos survey, contact ACS.