Asbestos Testing in Rochdale

Asbestos Testing in RochdaleAsbestos testing in Rochdale is provided by ACS. All commercial buildings are expected and required to have an asbestos management plan in place and you should have one for your building. If not, our technicians can see to that for you. It is quite simple; we check your building for the presence of asbestos and note our findings. If we find asbestos, but it is safely contained, then we note that a plan needs to be put in place to monitor it. However, if the asbestos will be disturbed by any kind of refurbishment or demolition works, then the area must be sealed for the safety of those who live or work in the building. Our asbestos removal team will then safely remove and dispose of all asbestos, as required, from the premises. We then carry out an air test to ensure the area has safety clearance so others can come and complete the refurbish or demolition works.

The testing we do when there is a planned refurbishment or demolition differs from the management test. For buildings in Rochdale that are to have any major refurbishment or demolition works carried out on them, then the asbestos testing is intrusive, and invasive in nature. We will need to go into walls and floors. Asbestos can be found in old plaster walls and ceilings. It may be used as insulation in the building. The roofing shingles and grout could contain the deadly substance. However, the asbestos is no threat because it is undisturbed and stable within other products. Once a demolition and refurbishment team begins work, the asbestos is disturbed and the invisible fibres are loosed into the environment. The asbestos is now a health threat because the fibres can be inhaled into the lungs and cause serious illness.

When making plans to refurbish or demolish a building, contact ACS for asbestos testing in Rochdale. We want to help you comply with the health and safety laws that are in place. At ACS we tackle the whole project from initial survey to completion and management plan plans to removal and remediation works. Call us for professional environmental services and health and safety training. Everyone who lives or works in your buildings should be trained to recognise the presence of asbestos. They should also know not to disturb it. We can schedule training classes for organisation and work one on one with the building manager.