Asbestos Survey in Lancashire

Asbestos Survey in LancashireWhy do landlords, managing agents or tenants need an asbestos survey in Lancashire? Asbestos is a deadly substance that can cause the dreaded disease, asbestosis when inhaled. Symptoms of this serious, chronic respiratory disease include shortness of breath and a dry crackling sound in the lungs while inhaling. So how do you avoid airborne asbestos fibres from threatening the health of the occupants of your buildings? The first step is by undertaking an asbestos survey; the second is the professional removal of any damaged, asbestos-containing materials. Given the seriousness of this disease, you can understand why this dangerous task must only be undertaken by the professionals, and not just any contractor.

Let’s talk about taking that first step to saving yourself, your family, your tenants and anyone else visiting your home or commercial building from this dreaded disease. What should be done? In Lancashire, an asbestos survey is the best way forward. It’s all very well knowing that asbestos will cause no harm if left undisturbed. But how do you know that the asbestos-containing building materials in your home or commercial building have not been damaged? Perhaps renovations were made before the asbestos regulations were passed, and asbestos-containing pipes were damaged, exposing the fibres to the air? Or asbestos-containing ceiling boards may have been removed and replaced, only some pieces or damaged boards remain in the roof space or attic. Asbestos can still be found in many commercial premises and homes throughout the UK. The health of all occupants is at risk, which is why the law is so strict about asbestos management and removal. Did you know that if you do not follow the regulations, you could be fined up to £20,000 or face imprisonment for up to 12 months?

At ACS Health, Safety & Environment Ltd, we provide a much-needed, professional asbestos survey in Lancashire to landlords, managing agents or tenants, so contact us today. Are you responsible for managing the asbestos in your building? Even owners of vacant or derelict premises and warehouses are not exempt and also need an asbestos survey. Arrange for your asbestos survey today.