Asbestos Survey in Scotland

Asbestos Survey in ScotlandHave you planned an asbestos survey in Scotland for your building recently? It is every owner’s responsibility to know the status of asbestos in their building. Did you know that most older buildings, especially those built in the 1970s, contain some amount of asbestos? It was a popular insulating material before being discovered to pose a serious health risk. If you do not know whether your building contains any asbestos, it is recommended that you schedule an asbestos survey promptly. Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations of 2012, it is a legal requirement and duty to assess and manage any asbestos containing materials in your property.

Whether you have a small shared cottage or a large commercial building in Scotland, asbestos survey professionals from ACS will provide a thorough and reliable service. We are experienced and fully qualified to handle all forms of surveys and investigations for asbestos. Our surveys are specifically designed to meet a wide range of needs, from our Asbestos Management Survey to our Refurbishment and Demolition Survey. The report on the survey will describe the location, quantity and risk levels of any asbestos containing materials in your building. Asbestos can remain dormant in a building without posing any health risks, but once it is damaged or disturbed it releases microfibers that can cause severe respiratory problems. Thus, it is especially crucial to conduct an asbestos survey before any renovation or demolition work is done on your building to avoid causing any damage.

Even if you are not planning any building work for your property, an asbestos survey in Scotland is necessary and very useful. It is important to know if there is asbestos in your building, and how to properly manage it to avoid any damage and subsequent health and safety threats. Our survey report will provide a comprehensive and detailed guide on how to do so, with recommendations for everything from care and management to reliable asbestos removal experts. Contact ACS for an asbestos survey today to ensure that your building is properly protected and responsibly managed.